The Lacoste Family

In my humble opinion, fall is the best season. The weather is crisp “sweata weatha”, you can drink hot drinks and not be sweating, and hello soup season?! You really can’t go wrong. Especially when all the trees start to change color creating a beautiful landscape before the lull of winter hits. It forces us to slow down and appreciate these last seasonal moments.
When you bring that all together, it creates a recipe for some amazing backdrops and conditions for family photos. No wonder that time of year seems to be the most popular for updating those old family pictures. I’m so glad I was able to meet up with this gorgeous family for some photos. It was so cool to see the dynamic between the girls. Photos like these I would have loved to have with my own sister, showcasing our relationship. As my newfie family would say “Two peas in a pod I tell ya!”

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