I remember in the beginning when my love of photography was coming into being, I was told that I had made another person feel really good about themselves after seeing the back of my camera. Regardless of their insecurities and self-hate, I had given them a new perspective. I was absolutely hooked from then onwards. I felt as though I was walking on air with the happiness I experienced by changing their view of themselves from something so horribly negative to a positive.  Growing up, and throughout life I have been a big supporter of nurturing self-worth, and once I discovered this, I was fulfilled. 

That’s the amazing thing about photography that I’ve recognized in the early years of life. It has the ability to impact someone so deeply and accurately. It has the ability to provoke, instill, and inspire. 

My specialties are Couples, Weddings, and Portraits, dabbling in Family, Birth, and Fashion. Currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta since marrying the greatest partner in life.   

Shout out to my hometown Fort McMurray because we northerners are an unapologetically proud bunch! Woop woop!