Christine and Simon are Engaged! | Edmonton Photographer | Elena Evelyn

I’m really just in awe sometimes that people choose and fully put their trust in me to capture their wedding days. When Christine contacted me about doing their wedding that summer, I was thrilled! Christine is actually my husbands cousin, and I’m still so honored even now that they chose me as their photographer.
For Christine and Simon’s engagement session, they traveled all the way from Dawson Creek, BC to Edmonton to meet up during the cherry blossom season. This 2023 spring season if you remember, was a very smoky one with all of the out of control wild fires that were burning throughout the province. These two even drove through a town that had an active wild fire burning next to it! Ironically they also had to drive through a town called “Little Smoky” and it was in fact, not just a little bit, but very smoky lol. I’m thankful for these two and their willingness to travel to do their engagement session, thankfully it wasn’t too smoky on the day of their session here in Edmonton, and the locations we were shooting at were actually not too busy with crowds which was abnormal for the season.
It was really nice to have them stay with us, to go for dinner, and to catch up and learn more about them as a couple and how they came to be.

I hope you enjoy the highlights from their session 🙂

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