Hiring a professional to take any kind of photo is an investment. The memories and milestones captured have emotional value, and down the road are priceless.

You never realize how precious a photo is, until it is all you have left. This is why I strive to give the best quality a professional can give.

Growing up in the world of film to digital cameras, I'm thankful for the images of myself that my family took. Compared to today, I had so little. It really is important to document big moments or even just to have some nice portraits of yourself. I know I'm already looking back now thankful that I had some professional images taken of me as a teen. One day when I have a family before me, I'll be able to show them life as I knew it.

For any questions about pricing, or to get a custom package, shoot me a message through the contact page. 

Individual Portraits

starting at $300 outdoors | starting at $350 studio

Grad Portraits

starting at $300


starting at $400


starting at $300


Hey there! I think it’s really awesome that you’ve come to my website and have been exploring! Here is some information on my products.

As an introduction, I recently got married in August of 2014. I planned my whole wedding on my own and know how stressful and exciting it is and can get. I’ve been through the motions and can relate to you as a client. I believe finding a good photographer is really important as well, obviously of course, because I myself am a wedding photographer. One thing I noticed during my wedding day was that time seemingly sped up, and I wondered if down the road if I’d even remember the little moments that happened during the day. The truth is, unless you really take time to yourselves (I know that sounds crazy) on your wedding day, it really goes by in a flash. It’s really important to also realize how immeasurable, timeless, and priceless wedding photos are.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on pricing for weddings and what it includes. My packages range from $2,450-$5,400(gst not included). Our most popular package is $3900+gst.

When you choose me as your wedding photographer, I guarantee top quality performance and images. One of our packages includes an album, and there’s always the option to upgrade the cover, number of pages, and sizing. You can even purchase albums for grandparents and parents. After I’ve delivered your images to you, I design an album based around your favorite images.

You can see an example of the album I design below. Notice that the binding of the album is flat, this is so that you don’t lose any part of your images into the binding of the album, as well as thicker pages for better durability.


All albums come with the choice of these 16 different linen colors, or an upgrade to leather with these 18 options.