The Cannings

I’m so glad I was able to do the Canning’s family photos during my trip to photograph a wedding in Fort McMurray! We headed just outside of their backyard, into this beautiful spot. Totally giving me beachy feels! I’ve had people ask me what beach we were at for these photos, but it’s actually in uptown Fort McMurray! There’s so many new spots, new neighborhoods being built. I can’t wait to see what Parsons Creek will look like. A new café on the Snye, and always beautiful sunsets in the north. It’s really cool to see new things around Fort McMurray, and as a community, we need to support this growth! In the busy exciting new months, and in the years to come.
We did a quick family photo session just before a big thunderstorm. I definitely felt like a kid again, at the end of the session running back into the house, getting soaked in the rain. I did that so much as a kid! No cares in the world. I definitely miss my hometown! It was also great to talk after going through photos, about navigating the parenting and homeschooling world. I was homeschooled until grade 10, but talking with them the homeschooling world has definitely changed and it’s really interesting to see!
I hope you love these photos, I do!

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