Romantic Evening at Wabamun Lake | Alberta Wedding Photographer | Elena Evelyn

Sometimes I just get these ideas in my head, and I write them down and hope that one day I’ll be able to do a shoot like that. When I put it out there that I was looking for a couple willing to be submerged fully clothed in water, I had a ton of responses. I chose Jadey and Mike, and had so much fun out at Wabamun with them! They’ll be celebrating their first anniversary in a few months, congratulations to them! Here’s a link to their wedding day: Jadey and Mike are Married!
Jadey even bought some new dresses for the shoot to my specifications. I knew I wanted to shoot at sunset and just afterwards to get some cool reflections and gritty after sunset images, and have a romantic feel and color tone. I’m super happy with how these images turned out! Despite the weather forecast saying it would be raining during the shoot, it was pretty clear out there! Hope you love these photos as much as I do! And thanks Jadey and Mike for humoring me and being amazing as always.

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