Grad in Fort McMurray | Victoria Rose | Elena Evelyn Photography

Does anyone else remember a time where all of the high schools in Fort McMurray did their grads all in one weekend? It wasn’t that long ago that it was a thing. This year they were spread out over several months, one in May, a few in June over different weekends. I think as a student it would be weird to be worrying about grad while still attending classes at the end of the semester. When I graduated, we had classes end before grad, and exam/diploma season would be happening around the time of grad. I’m wondering if having them so spaced out and earlier helps with the stress of it all, or if it adds stress. Let me know what you think and have experienced by commenting in this post <3. Victoria looked so good in her grad dress! Man I wish those types of dresses existed when I graduated, it was so gorgeous! I remember showing up to my grad in a big larger than life red dress, when those types of dresses were out of style, but it was ok, since all of my friends wore the same type of dress! Anyways, I’m super happy with these photos! Hope you like them!

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