Sandy and Brad are Married!

Pam and Brad were married surrounded by their friends and family at La Cite Francophone, just as the skies opened up from a period of rain. The day featured a tea ceremony, bartering to see the bride, navy blue, gold, blush pinks and a gorgeous venue. One tradition I love to photograph is the crazy shenanigans the groomsmen and groom have to perform to get into the home to the bride. They transferred seaweed, sang a song, popped balloons, lap danced, hula-hooped, ate a banana, and paid their way into the home where Sandy was getting ready. I just had to include those images in my blog post today because they are just hilarious!
The party consisted of a willing to do anything hockey team, and the most deviously fashionable bridesmaids. From their sweet details to Valentino shoes (still can’t get over those shoes!), this was a fantastic and beautiful day to witness and I’m honoured Pam Kriangkum asked me to second shoot for her. I hope you enjoy the day as much as I did! Make sure you take a look into their reception, and welcoming entrance with two dragons!
All images taken while second shooting for Pam Kriangkum
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