A weekend Away To The Mountains

We went on our fantastic, 18 day long vacation to Italy in September. After shooting one of my last weddings of the season the day before, I quickly packed my last minute items, edited a few sneak peeks for the couple, and left for our long awaited trip. It was simply amazing, and although we had some bumps along the way, it was a fantastic experience. (will be posting about the many images taken there soon!) As soon as we arrived back into Canada, my husband left to ref soccer in another city, and then following that a few weekends after he was away on business trips to PEI, and I to photograph families in Fort McMurray.

It seemed as soon as we got back we went separate ways with our busy lives. Knowing that we wouldn’t get a lot more opportunities to get away, we decided a weekend in the mountains together would be really nice. Living in Alberta the mountains are just a quick 3.5 hour drive away, it is really convenient. I’m truly thankful we are able to do trips like these, having the funds to do so. I also couldn’t believe that there was barely any snow in the mountains, and it was November!

Working as a photographer full time is amazing, and although it’s difficult at times (especially as wedding season is wrapping up) is very rewarding, and I’m really lucky to be with a man who supports me and my dreams.

That being said, I am a photographer. Of course I’m going to take a few photos while in the mountains! I held back though, with how much I usually photograph. This weekend was more to spend time with my husband and relax. Hope you enjoy these!

We stayed in Canmore, went to Lake Louise and walked to the other end, then we explored banff and visited the hot springs. On our way back we drove through to Jasper and then to Edmonton.

All images taken with a 5D mark iii, and a 24-70mm 2.8 lens.


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