Downtown Edmonton Parkade with Breanne and Brandon

I’ve worked with Breanne before on a couple shoots and collabs with other awesome photographers, so when the idea to do couples photos came up I was totally on board. Breanne and Brandon came all the way from Lloydminster to do this shoot and I am super grateful they trusted us with the location we chose. Edmonton was in a transitional period where things had cooled down and the leaves and lively colours of summer and fall were all but gone. Not a lot of snow had fallen yet either, so we decided to do the shoot at a parkade in downtown Edmonton. Very cool location, and the photos turned out amazing! I love when I do shoots that are really low stress and casual, I’m able to explore new ideas and compositions.

Thank you Breanne and Brandon for braving the cold and trusting us for the location! You guys were SO easy to work with and completely made the images.

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