Pretty light, Fields of Daisies, and Itati Fleites

In August I remember being invited along on this creative shoot by Kylie of Hue of Blue Photography. I find that when in the middle of wedding season, I need to do more of non-wedding shoots to change it up a bit, and keep me constantly inspired and trying new things. So I was stoked that she invited me along for this shoot. It was super fun! We started in Spruce Grove in a field of my favorite flower, the daisy, end ended with a perfect sunset. Golden hour is the hour before sunset, and it’s the most amazing light to work with for portraits. Absolutely stunning! Because this was in the middle of wedding season, it took me a bit longer to figure out how I wanted to go with these images creatively in post, but I’m super happy with them. Also, props to the beautiful Itati for being a trooper with the hundreds of mosquitoes in the field. I’m sure I got at least 20 bites and I was fully clothed!

Model – Itati Fleites

Makeup: TC Mai

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