Natasha and Cole Get Married!


Natasha and Cole were married on September 17th, 2016 in Athabasca, Alberta in the most beautiful light surrounded by friends, family, and the leaves of fall. Just before the ceremony began, it was raining and not the best day out, but as soon as Natasha and the guests arrived, the sun broke out and it was absolutely gorgeous! I just had to share every detail of their ceremony because it was just so beautiful. A lot of weddings I have been to or photographed have been pretty similar with their order of events, and what each couple has chosen to do to signify their marriage to each other; this wedding was so personalized, and unique to what I have been accustomed to. A dulcimer played as Natasha walked down the aisle, a message from Michael (who lived with my husband’s best friend/man at our wedding at one point, such a small world), and then they broke out into worship. They said their vows to each other with the wind blowing the leaves behind them, exchanged their rings, and kissed. Then their friends and family prayed over them and their marriage, which was so great to witness. Then what I thought was the most beautiful and unique display of their commitment to each other, they washed each other’s feet. I am so glad to have been able to witness and photograph their wedding. It was the most beautiful wedding of my entire year and I’m so thankful to have been there considering what had happened to me a few days before.
Three days before their wedding I hit a deer on the highway going about 110 km/hr. My car was totaled and I walked away with just a concussion and a few finger nails ripped off from the airbags. There were so many instances, that if the seat had gone a few inches closer, the deer hopping instead of a leaping, the way the front of my car buckled, I would have been seriously injured or killed. I’m thankful to be alive, thankful to have witnessed such a beautiful ceremony, thankful to have been a part of these guys’ lives. I just love these images so much, and they will have a big part of my heart for a long time.
Congratulations Natasha and Cole! I am so happy for you two, and wish you nothing but the best for your future!


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