Fort McMurray Burnt Forest Family Photos

I’m so glad I met so many awesome people during my weekend visit in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Since the wildfires I’ve visited quite often, and it still doesn’t seem normal driving into the town. Although there has been a lot of regrowth, there is still a lot of visible damage that the fires left. These images were taken just down the street from my old house in wood buffalo. Growing up in Fort McMurray we lived in three different parts of town (thickwood, timberlea and wood buffalo) and this was the last before I moved to Edmonton and got married. A lot of the trees are being torn down in the area, and the ones that were burnt the most have fallen down.
I believe in all of my 18 years in Fort McMurray, I had never seen a “green” November. I remember going trick or treating one year in knee deep snow! I’ll take it though, I photographed some beautiful families that weekend and was able to explore the areas that were previously closed off.

Melissa and her beautiful children toughed through the mud and uneven ground for these mini session photos, and I am super glad they did because they turned out awesome! I just love the contrast the trees bring with the grass.

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