Ilse and Luke: Engaged!

Today I’m sharing images from this freezing cold October evening engagement session. I graduated highschool with both Luke and Ilse (please don’t look at our year book, oh my Lord) and they are finally engaged! They are super cute together and I will always be rooting them on! Midway through the session, as they are in their t-shirts and such, it actually started to lightly snow. There was a moment where Ilse was shaking and laughing at the same time and I almost lost it, her laugh is so great. We thought, when we started the session, that there wouldn’t be a good sunset because the clouds were kind of thick, but boy were we ever wrong!!! When we were just about finished we had an amazing sunset to properly end the evening.  Congratulations Ilse and Luke on your engagement! And your future life together. Can’t wait to see those sky diving photos! 😉 Just kidding.



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