Leah and Eric: Fall Engagement

I remember my sister Leah telling me that she was dating this guy named Eric, and that she wanted me to meet him. So we met up for a double date! Eric was so nice and treated my sister well. I saw their chemistry and was instantly super happy that they had found each other. About a week later they were engaged, and will be tying the knot in 3.5 short months! I was given the choice of being her matron of honour (ugh I sound so old) or her photographer. I couldn’t decide, and after weighing the options for some time, I chose to do both! I will have a second shooter/Assistant help me with parts of the day I am in, and I will be the main for the other parts. It’s a scenario I’ve been involved with before and it worked quite well! Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session earlier this week! Hope you enjoy.


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