Shylah-Rae and Jason are Getting Married!

Shylah-Rae and Jason had one of those relationships that grew with time. When we met up for dinner in Athabasca on my way back to Edmonton from Fort McMurray, they told me about how they met and their story. Having met through church, and going on a Christmas Shopping trip together, then a work mishap ended in a pair of extra hands to help out with the church productions. Neither of them thought a relationship could blossom, but it did! And they are so good together! I know many people support them and are so excited to see the pair tie the knot! (I am one of those people). I’m so excited to celebrate with them this month! It’s going to be beautiful. We did their engagement photos around Athabasca and I am anticipating some amazing wedding photos soon! Can’t wait. Hope you love the images as much as I do!

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