Julie and Jeremy are Getting Married!

I’m trying to pinpoint the time I met Jeremy exactly, but like usual my memory is failing me. I have so many great 2014 summer memories with this guy and a great group of people. Fort McMurray can be transient at times, and growing up there I definitely know this reality. Always welcoming new people, and eventually saying a tearful goodbye a summer, or years later. I left Fort McMurray in 2012 to take a year off working in Edmonton, and then I eventually went to school and in the middle of it all got married. I always went back for the summers to work in Fort McMurray, and every summer I met new people and created some awesome friendships. The summer of 2014 welcomed a lot of new people in our group. I remember Canada day (I think?) going out to Fort McKay with a bunch of hooligans in my car, and going down to the beach to watch them. Then driving back to Fort McMurray blasting worship music. One day I’ll remember when exactly I met Jeremy lol!
When I saw that Jeremy and Julie were engaged, I was so happy for them!!! They are seriously so cute together. Julie is so funny and kind. I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate with them as a guest at their wedding in September. I low-key am obsessing about their photographer, their venues, and holy moly their invitations were so aesthetically pleasing!! I’m also making a weekend trip with one of my best friends for their wedding and am really excited to visit Victoria. If you have any recommendations on what I should do, see, visit, eat at, etc just send me a message or comment on my Facebook page!

I’m so glad we were able to do some photos together while I was in Fort McMurray doing some grad and engagement sessions. Julie had just gotten to Fort McMurray earlier that day. Also, can you believe this is their first professional photo session?! Yeah, neither can I. Hope you love these photos!

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