Shoot and Share Contest Results 2018

This was my first year ever entering into the Shoot and Share contest and boy was I happily surprised by the results! Shoot and share is a free photo contest that anyone can enter, and this year over 1.1 MILLION photos were submitted by over 40,000 photographers. The contest this year ran from January 8th – March 19th, 2018. Each person can submit up to 50 of their best/favorite images that go into 25 specific categories, like “the bride” or “phone photos” or “travel” or “styled wedding” and so on. Then once the submission period is over, it’s time for the voting to happen! There are 13 rounds of voting, and once the voting period is over the people at shoot and share work hard to check every photo that made it far in the competition to make sure they were submitted into the right category and do some fact checking.

Here are my results for 2018:

Of the 50 photos, 31 of them placed in specific rankings. 5 made it to the top 30% in their specific categories, 13 to the top 20%, 11 to the top 10% and 3 finalist images. I believe finalist images are in the top 500 images, or the top 3% from what I’m understanding. Above finalist images, are the top 100 (which is the best of the best). After figuring out where my finalist images placed, I realized one of the images was ranked at 109! Meaning if that image had beaten 9 more images, I would’ve been in the top 100. To even come that close is a true honor! I was so happy with the results for my first year submitting.

And now for the photos that placed! Here are my 3 finalists.

In the “Styled Wedding” category, this one placed 109 out of 6,998 images. So close to being top 100! But I’ll take it. Thanks to Nick and Janelle for modeling in Drumheller for us in this crazy wind, and for the Bridal Boutique here in Edmonton for this amazing dress!!!

In the “People Portraits” category, this image placed 228 out of 14,733 images. Wow!!! This image was originally part of my thesis in school. My thesis was “surrounded by” and I’m really happy with this shot! I had some inspiration from one of Selena Gomez’s music videos, and it made it through my head and camera and into an image. Thanks to Courtney for modeling for me!!!

In the “Wedding Couple” category this placed 450 out of 36,983. This is one of my ultimate favorite images I’ve ever taken. It gives me so much inspiration!

Here are the 11 top 10% placements. (Click the arrows on either side to go through the slideshow)

Here are the 13 top 20% placements.

(Click the arrows on either side to go through the slideshow)

Here are the 5 top 30% placements.

(Click the arrows on either side to go through the slideshow)

If you’d like to see the final results from the contest overall CLICK HERE. Have a wonderful day!

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