Sheila and Mason | Winter Wonderland Engagement at Hawrelak Park

Sheila and Mason are SO dang cute together. I’m so excited for their wedding In September! It’s going to be absolutely beautiful. We ventured out into the snow at Hawrelak park after a huge snowfall here in Edmonton. I absolutely love their images! I’m normally not into winter photos, but these are so cute and snuggly and have a winter wonderland vibe and I am in love! After some photos on the trails they put their skates on and we skated around for some photos (more so I shuffled on the ice lol). I find a lot of people who aren’t used to Canadian winters really romanticize winter and the romantic feel it has. Even on the last season of the bachelor they went to Norway and it really did look romantic, but you know what, it’s really flipping cold sometimes lol! It’s nice for a month but we pretty much have it for more than a quarter of the year. That being said, I’m actually really happy with these images and how much fun I actually had on the shoot. Sheila and Mason may have helped convinced me that winter can be really romantic! Hope you like these images as much as I do!

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