Krista and Mark | New Year’s Eve Wedding

The first thing when meeting new clients as a photographer, is to put them at ease. You want to make this meeting and booking as stress free as possible, while still accomplishing your goals. When I met Krista and Mark for the first time though, they put ME at ease! They were super laid back and most importantly they trusted me. I can’t say enough how huge that is! Trust your photographer. Even when discussing timeline we met and talked more about it closer to the date and it felt amazing having my opinion heard and trusted. I have shot a lot of weddings and have a lot of knowledge on these things, I’m so glad they trusted me with all of it! Working together we figured out a pretty solid plan.
Krista and Mark I were married on New Year’s Eve at the Yellowhead Brewery after doing a first look with each other. After their ceremony we did some family photos and then went straight into their reception, which lasted until New Year’s Day. It was such an amazing experience being in such a huge crowd, on the stage as everyone yelled “Happy New Years!” and celebrated. What an amazing group of people. You could really tell they cared a lot about the couple and were super happy to be there celebrating with them. Oh and did I mention it was like -30 outside?! They braved the cold for a few photos and were such champs. Hope you love the photos!

Dress: White and Ivory, now Bridal House

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Grooms Tux: RW&CO

Wedding Coordinator: Loni Johner

Florist: Krista

Bakery: Safeway

Cake Artist: Sugar and Spiced

DJ: Happy Wife Happy Life

Makeup Artist: Amanda Morrell and Ally Stone

Hair Stylist: Adrianna Sutton

Caterer: Yellowhead Brewery

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