Sarah and Paul are Engaged! | Kananaskis Engagement Session

After meeting with Sarah and Paul at our consultation, I was super pumped to photograph their engagement and their wedding. Everything just happened to fall into place perfectly. I love the Kananaskis area, it’s absolutely breathtaking, and not as well-known as Banff or Canmore. It’s such a stunning drive to take! I highly recommend those who live in Calgary, or close to it to take a drive there. It’s so close!

I couldn’t help but express how excited I was about these photos during their session. I seriously need to have someone record me while I’m shooting, I’m such a goof! I just can’t help it sometimes. These two were so easy to photograph, their chemistry is amazing. Aaah I can’t wait for their wedding day!

Congratulations Sarah and Paul! Also, hope you had a great hike that weekend!

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