Megan and Dylan are Married! | Lamont Wedding Photographer | Elena Evelyn

It all started with a love of red headed men… Lol
I had such a great time photographing Megan and Dylan’s wedding! I met with Megan a couple weeks before their 2018 NYE wedding, she was (and is) so kind! She told me their story, was super open and I appreciate that so much. It made me feel that much more connected to their wedding day, and to the excitement of finally tying the knot. It was a cold cold day, at -19°C, with 22km/hour frigid cold air wind. Their group and family were troopers during their photos outside! Alberta is always in extreme cold warnings end of year and in January, the previous NYE being -38°C! It was actually my first time visiting and shooting in Lamont, their church was so beautiful! And it was where their parents had also gotten married. It was so cool and such a blessing to be a part of their wedding day, cheers to Megan and Dylan!

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