My First East Indian Wedding: Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Over the course of this 4 day wedding I learned an immense amount of knowledge about the East Indian culture. The value they hold on family is just worlds away from what I thought family meant to me. There were so many family members and bridal party that traveled from India to be at this celebration of a week, it was beautiful to see. I thought the weddings I usually photographed had some crazy people in them, but these guys definitely blew my expectations out of the water when it came to celebrating marriage and love. The partying before the wedding itself could be a caucasian wedding for one day. Oh my I must mention how much food there was and how amazing each dish tasted. I felt like family, or a starving distant cousin with how much they handed me food and hugged me. I really could get used to that lifestyle if you ask me!  Something I didn’t know before was that each woman has a different dress for each day, and each dress was full of color and beautiful sparkly jewels. This is why you won’t see many black and whites because there’s just so much color to show. I’m so grateful to Brandi Guzman – Photographer for giving me this amazing opportunity to second shoot along her side during the 4 day wedding. The amount of experience and knowledge I gained from this wedding is crazy and would have never happened if she didn’t want me to come along for this journey. I’m so thankful for people like her. She is an amazing, creative, individual and I value her as a person and as a friend very much. I’m so glad we were able to bond so much over this experience!

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