Edmonton’s 97th Avenue: Ashley Stacey in Fall

During the school season last year I mentored a student in photography. They required 40 hours of experience, so I set up this session, amongst others, up to show how I work with portraits. This is my gorgeous friend Ashley, who I’ve known for quite some time now. We became the best of friends in high school and she has truly been a blessing in my life. After I got married and moved into my husbands house, she took my place living with my sister. I’m really glad we were so close to each other in the same town because I probably would’ve gone insane without her. She is now doing her practicum in Fort McMurray and I miss her SO MUCH. But I’m really happy she’s doing well and that she can finally be in the same city as her boyfriend. Having been through a 3 and a half year long distance relationship myself, I know it can be incredibly tough and exhausting. Ashley’s future is so bright with her accomplishments and I’m excited for it!
I decided to do her portraits just off of 97th street here in Edmonton because the trees in October are amazingly colorful and bright. I always found myself driving by itching to do a session of some sort, I’m glad we did!
Here are my favorites from the portrait session!


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