Leah and Eric Are Married!

Leah and Eric were married on December 30th, 2016 on a warmer than usual, but still cold day in Edmonton, Alberta. You may notice that I am in some of these photos, and that’s because I was her  sister, MOH, and photographer. Thankfully, my second shooter Kylie is amazing and helped me out for the day for the parts of the day I participated in. I’m definitely glad I only have one sister because it was a lot at the end of the day, being the photographer with also having MOH duties including a speech, slideshow, games, set up the day before, bridal shower etc. I slept SO well that night!

Leah and Eric were married at Crestwood Presbyterian Church, and took their formals outside a University of Alberta building, as well as in and outside Rutherford house. I was warned that with restrictions in the house we would have a hard time getting enough photos, but found it was the opposite. I highly recommend to any other photographers who know their off camera flash well to not write this location off. It’s beautiful and huge! I loved the history and old rooms. Since my sister was always into books and sewing, this was the perfect location for photos. After formals we headed back to the reception and following celebrations. I hope you enjoy my favorite highlights from the day, and thanks for stopping by!

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