Then They Became Three: The Clairs

This little cutie was born on February 23rd at 11:04am weighing 7 lbs 9oz. I don’t usually photograph babies, but when friends have them I usually can’t resist. I’m always just awestruck at the miracle of birth. I mean my friends made this little girl!! How amazing is that?! Her little fingers, nose, and eyes, every aspect unique to her. Learning every moment onward. It’s just amazing!

I usually do darker images (like the first ones in this series) but I had an idea in my mind for the lighter and brighter images at the end. It’s fun to experiment every now and then. I know I love highlighting certain places with light, and florals (all the florals). I also tried out some free lensing to get a more macro looking shot. I’m glad I got to photograph this little peanut! I can’t wait to see what she grows up to be. I can’t even imagine a little toddler running around Sarah and Kyle’s house! The future looks great!

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