Fitzpatrick Family in the Mountains | Elena Evelyn Photography | Edmonton Photographer

I can’t say enough how cool it is too see a family grow, and for the Fitzpatricks, how big their little M is getting. Last time I saw them was for their first family session with me (which you can check out here: Fitzpatrick Family). Kids grow so fast, it is wild! Seeing their characteristics and what they are currently interested in, so neat! All M wanted to do during this session was explore, and play! She wasn’t afraid of dirt or getting messy, that’s for sure! Love it.
For this session, we met in Canmore Alberta, and did their session at Quarry Lake Park. This park is probably one of my favorites! Nice big open field with massive mountains right behind it, and I discovered later, a cool area with a lake! A lake literally named Quarry Lake (Duh, oh my goodness lol, how long did it take me to actually go over there to check it out. I’m a little ashamed it wasn’t sooner!).
the two days before hand I was shooting 2 weddings, and then headed to Canmore for their family session, and an engagement session later that day, with more sessions throughout my stay there over a few days. t was a busy weekend/week, but I loved it! If I could live there and photograph weddings/couples/families/portraits I totally would, because wow, it never gets old!
Canmore and Kananaskis are definitely my favorite places to go and photograph in Alberta, hands down. Hope you love the photos as much as I do!

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