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This wedding day guys, was one of the most sentimental, DIY wedding I have photographed thus far. I’m probably going to forget a bunch of the descriptions of things, but I’m going to try and do this couple’s efforts justice. Eliane and Michael were married in front of their friends and family in the back yard of Michael’s parent’s home, The home that he grew up in. After postponing due to Covid, It was really important to them for family to be able to travel to them to be there for the wedding day, which I can totally agree with and understand. It turned out to be such a wonderful day for weather too.

Ok so the details! Michael, oh my goodness. He GREW ALL OF THE FLOWERS himself!! WHAT. Eliane’s bouquet and everything. It was SO gorgeous. Ellie’s maternal and paternal grandparents were represented in her bouquet. Eliane’s wedding dress, as well as her sister’s MOH dress was made by her mother. The stained glass on their arch was made by Ellie’s mother, with a bumble bee symbolizing Ellie, and a hollyhock flower to symbolize Mike. The opal ring Ellie wore was Mike’s grandmother’s ring. The tree they were married under covered in family wedding photos. Mike built their bar out of an old couch and pallet wood, they both built the LOVE sign. The booze cart that the groomsmen handed out champagne with was refinished by Ellie and Mike. Like, so much love and effort went into each detail, I love it!

During their ceremony, you could just feel the excitement and relief that the day they had put so much effort into and had planned, postponed, and postponed again, was here. The security in himself as a man to show his emotions towards his wife, had many people including me and their friend, who was their officiant, in tears and laughter. Their chemistry and funny bones during this day reminded me of how I met up with them for their engagement session, which you can see here.

It was a fantastic wedding, I hope you enjoy looking through some of the highlights from the day.

Hair Stylist: Nikki – Entice Beauty Studio


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