Abraham Lake Helicopter Elopement | Elena Evelyn | Wedding Photographer

Ever since I started my business in 2011, in my mind, I will have “made it” as a photographer when I photograph a helicopter elopement. This past summer thanks to Jill Coursen I was able to make that dream a reality. This was also my first time in a helicopter, and I am hooked! What an amazing experience at Rocky Helis Canada. We flew to a location that would have taken us 4+ days of hiking to reach the lake, and then we were hundreds of feet above it! Guess what, it only took us 6 MINUTES to get there. Um WHAT?! Yep I’m hooked. I want to do this again and again and again. So if you’re interested in having a helicopter elopement in the mountains, please contact me! I would love to document such an amazing moment in someone’s life.
We started the day with some getting ready photos at a beautiful cabin in the woods, a gift exchange, and then we headed out for the first look at Crescent Falls. Then we headed to Rocky Helis Canada to prepare before our flight to the Lake of Falls Natural Area, and chose a ledge near Purple Mountain. After their ceremony, a champagne pop, a cheering from below (turns out some hikers were camping at the lake below and yelled congratulations!), and lots of pictures, we headed back to the cabin for some food and time with friends. To end the day off, we did some photos beside Abraham lake at sunset. It was such a fantastic day! I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity. I literally cried out of sheer joy when we took the first flight to the mountains. What a dream come true.
All images taken while second shooting for Jill Coursen

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