The Black Sand Beaches of Vik

I guess this is my first post (finally) from our Iceland trip back in May! Between shooting weddings, portraits, taking trips, and summer I haven’t really had the time to really work on these images at all. I told myself enough is enough, and that I had to make time to do some. This is just a snippet from our trip there. I chose to post the images from our first visit to Vik before all the others because at that time, on that day, it was the thing that fascinated me the most about the beautiful Island and country. The sun would peek out every now and then and warm the sand up, then the waves would crash up against the sand and create this cool rolling steam effect up the hill. This was also my first time ever seeing black sand and I definitely brought a big bag of it home with me. The weather was somewhere between 15 degrees and 20 degrees, which was absolutely perfect. I’ll definitely be posting more from my trip but for now, this will satisfy my craving of sharing some images of our time there. Also, I must say my husband is getting really good with a camera! It might be time soon to get another Mark iii… (perfect excuse right?). I might add that investing in a good tripod before we left was the best decision I ever made! Yay for 10 second timers!
If anyone has any questions as to what we paid to go on a 9 day trip there, and where we booked things, let me know! I have a whole list typed up in detail of our trip while there.

Also, as usual you can find me on instagram as ElenaEvelynPhoto . If you search the hashtag “PhillipsIcelandTrip2015” you’ll find more images from our trip <3


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