Rebecca Watt: Crescent Falls Alberta

When a fellow photographer, friend, and classmate ask if you want to tag along on a shoot on one of your free days, you kind of have to say yes. This beautiful location is called Crescent Falls and it’s just 3 hours away from Edmonton! Once you get there, there’s a lookout location at the top of the waterfall, but we climbed down to the bottom. Be warned though, this is not something you should do in the winter as it’s a very steep and slippery path down the cliffside. There’s a rope most of the way down to help get you to the bottom. We went during a cold snap in October and I may or may not have slipped onto my butt more than once. It’s definitely worth it though! When you’re at the top of the waterfall it seems like it’s not that much water, but then you see the volume that’s falling and it’s definitely something beautiful to witness. Thank you Kylie for inviting me along on this shoot, as it’s been on my “Must Take” photos list for a while now.  Thanks to Rebecca and Nikki for modeling and braving the cold for this adventure. (Nikki’s images are next!!!) Can’t wait to share those with you all.

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