Megan and Josh are Engaged! | Elena Evelyn | Edmonton Photographer

I met Megan through school at NAIT while we were studying Photographic Technology. She made a huge impact in a short period of time on me and I love her for it! She is so open and kind, it was so nice to have her during her time in the program. I just love to see her succeed in life, and I am honored to be a part of their wedding day soon.
For Josh and Megan’s engagement session, I met them out at his aunt and uncles saskatoon berry farm just outside of Edmonton. What a gorgeous place! I met his aunt and uncle and they let me know in secret that they had a gift waiting for them in the orchard. It was a beautiful picnic table with some cookies on top! I was like hey if you want to surprise me later with cookies I won’t say no lol.
They brought along their rescue pup to see if he would be up for any photos, of course depending on his own comfort. Lil’ man was a bit nervous around new people still because of his past. You know when an animal accepts you, it just feels so validating?! Lol. I had a really short and quick moment with him and tried not to be intimidating, and passed his test. I was like “VALIDATIONNN” lol. While taking some photos of just him, it felt like I was taking his school photos haha!
Anyway enjoy these two with their cuteness!

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