Kenden and Kortni are Married! | High River Wedding | Elena Evelyn

I’ve known the Backhouse’s since at least our trip to Europe together in 2012, and previously we all lived in Fort McMurray. We all traveled with a educational travel group for 21 days and it was such a blast! That trip truly got me hooked on traveling overseas. I remember Scott and Dawna being so encouraging to me and they were constantly sewing confidence in me and my photography. They’ve been so great to know! So when I got the message that they needed a photographer pretty soon for Kenden and Kortni’s small intimate wedding I was so down! It so happened that the weekend they were getting married I was shooting two other weddings in Canmore, so I was relatively close by, super convenient!
I think by far, Kenden’s reaction to seeing Kortni as she walked down the aisle was the best reaction I’ve ever photographed. The whole wedding was surrounded by SO MUCH love and family, I was so grateful to have been a part of it! After their ceremony, we headed to a few locations all over High River. Many people would think there’s not that many locations for photos, but I found so many! There’s a lot of work going into that town and it’s really coming together!

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