Josh and Anya in Jasper

For some reason when I look at the images at the end of this amazing day in the mountains, the song Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra comes to mind.

So I have this bucket list of images I want to take, things like: wedding in a vineyard, portraits in a field of cotton, couples session all over Iceland, couple in a canoe from above, etc. This set of images was on the list. I found this dress somewhere you’d never imagine, but kijiji! And Kylie helped with finding some freaking amazing models to work with. I am so stoked about these images! It was +8 outside in February in the mountains (not your typical cold day there) and not a lot of wind. Such a perfect day!

Models: Josh and Anya

Hair and Makeup: Kylie Reimchen

Dress: Brides International

Location: Jasper

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