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I remember when I first met with Rafaela and Brad one night last year, and thinking man what a great couple! They talked about liking my style and saying they like the darker photo look and just everything they mentioned I was checking off in a list in my head. A list of an ideal client for me to have. As they told me about their wedding I couldn’t help but get excited. You know when you’re talking to someone and they just get it? Yeah, this was one of those times! Once we talked about their engagement session I immediately started hunting down some locations to photograph at in Jasper.

Thanks to Tekkara Lodge we were able to start the session in one of their cabins. I’ve stayed at Tekkara Lodge before while on a girls trip to the mountains and had such a great experience! On the way to Jasper from Banff we had taken a wrong turn, and during our long deep discussions neither of us realized that we were on our way to BC and not Jasper! So we ended up arriving in Jasper super late (like 10:30-11pm instead of 6pm), but the lodge had someone there waiting for us and were so understanding of our situation. I can’t say enough good things about this lodge. Make sure when planning a trip to Jasper that you inquire way ahead of time because they book up pretty quick!

After our session in Tekkara Lodge, we had lunch, and then headed over to Pyramid lake for some paddle boating. Over the years when I’m inspired by other photographers and when I get an idea in my head, I write those ideas down on my photo bucket list. A photo of a couple in a canoe or boat shot from above was one of them, and I’m so excited to have been able to scratch that off the list! Once we finished with the paddle boat we took some photos next to the island on pyramid lake, and then headed home to Edmonton.

Overall this engagement session was an absolute blast, and I’m SO stoked about these images. I’m so glad Rafaela and Brad were up for anything, they did so well during the entire day.

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