Iceland: Blue Lagoon

When you travel through or to Iceland, most tourists take a trip to Blue Lagoon . It’s really close to the airport and is open early in the morning, which makes it perfect to visit at any time. My husband and I went as soon as we got to Iceland. We went as soon as they opened so that we could be one of the few there before it got really busy in the afternoon. It was also cheaper because of the time of year we went (End of May and beginning of June). It was a wonderful experience! You could literally take the clay from the rocks and apply it to your face and wait for it to dry. After washing it off your face felt like a babies bottom. Some places sold this clay for $50 in a small container. For us, it was worth the price because we stayed over 2 hours. Later on in our 9 day trip we came back to the grounds around Blue Lagoon to take these images. I would definitely recommend it as something to do in Iceland.


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