Andy and Caitlyn Anniversary Session

You know who I find inspiring? These two people. Through all the stresses, horrible situations, death, incredible loss and heartache, anxieties, struggles, these two have shown me what it is to love someone else, to support and be real with one another. I cannot begin to describe all of the things these two have been through together, and I won’t because a lot of it is pretty personal, but through everything that has happened and that is happening, they’ve got each other’s backs. For me, they’re people I look up to. They’re brave, resilient, and make the best of the situation. They’ve also taught me it’s ok to not be ok sometimes, and to look for help. That we’re worth the effort.
So of course when I wanted to do one more session in the cherry blossoms before leaving town, they were a couple that came to mind. They’re also celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary this year! So congratulations to them! Andy and Caitlyn have supported me throughout the years in my photographic career and I’m just so proud to call them my friends, that I know such amazing people. So I hope you like these photos! They’ve actually never had their photos taken before by a professional (but you can’t tell with how well they are together!)

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