A Buffett Birth Story

I never imagined I would ever get the chance to photograph a birth, but finally the day has come! I was always interested and curious as to how to even photograph such an event. I researched a lot before saying yes to Jenna and Matt, but I’m so happy with the results.

On Sunday, May 3rd around 8:00 am I got a call from Matthew saying that it was time, as I could hear Jenna in the background gracefully endearing some contractions. Her water has broke around 6am. I got out of bed thankful that I got a full nights sleep! Once I arrived to the Midwife’s residence, I went inside and immediately started capturing these moments. I’m so excited to be sharing these images with everyone!  Make sure you watch in 1080p HD!

Jenna is herself a doula and really wanted to document these moments. After a long day of contractions and over 5 hours of pushing, they decided to head over to the Royal Alexandra Hospital because Jenna’s contractions weren’t strong enough in balance of her pushing. Shortly after arriving at the hospital and a couple more hours of pushing, Maverick Buffett entered this tear filled room and world with so much love pouring onto him. What a beautiful and deep moment to experience with this couple. Thank you for choosing for me to be involved in this amazing opportunity and beautiful moments. I learned SO MUCH and I’m so grateful. He is so sweet!

You can check out her maternity images here: Jenna’s Maternity Images

 Here are some of the images from that day


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