Robyn and Luc Hebert

When you find an outlet for creativity, it almost inexplicably helps with overcoming a lot of obstacles in life. Obstacles like stress, numbness, and just that feeling of being uninspired. During this shoot for example, frozen fingers and toes. It was a cold one for this shoot! Just the week before it had been in the positive temperatures. I’ve always wanted to shoot a session out on a tree farm but plans fell through most of the time. When I asked Luc and Robyn if they’d humor me for these photos, they were totally down! I also was thrilled when my friend and fellow photographer Pam Kriangkum joined me for this session. She’s really cool! I suggest you go check her work out because it is the (AND she shoots film, I mean WHAT).
Anyways, blogging is hard. Hope you like these images!

Images shot at Rare Earth Tree Farm

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