Practicing for Iceland

Hello all who follow my random blog posts! I thought I’d share this image of my husband and I, because I’m excited, as well as I’ve never shot something with cherry blossoms! This is a selfie on a timer, and I’m so so so excited for my trip to Iceland next week! I leave Monday! There’s so many questions in my head, like what to pack in terms of clothing, gear, and essentials. I’m also struggling with getting my creative juices flowing, as I’m planning to do something cool in a lot of the shots (this is me telling the public so I commit to doing it) that I take while there. I really hope I don’t get too overwhelmed as I will be in the shots. It’s not an easy thing being on the other side of the camera! Especially if you’re still taking the image. I’ve been seeing a lot of photographers traveling to Iceland with couples to do photography there and I’m so jealous! I really hope I can capture somewhat the same images while it being on tripod. Good thing I’m giving myself over a week there with my husband to do so!



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