A Morning With Nikki Nash

During the first few months of the year, the amount of  getting out and shooting goes down quite a bit in comparison to in the summers. I’m usually coming off of a relaxing time from the holidays, being with family and friends and food (lots and lots of food). The weather is usually very cold and until valentine’s day, there’s not a lot of work coming my way. What I am doing with business during these months is meeting with 2017/18 wedding clients, and doing engagement sessions. So when Dave Bennett announced he would be having a meet up with other photographers and a few models for a “getting ready” theme, I was totally down. We photographers, at least I know I’m like this, have to be constantly creating something. So to not be photographing a lot can feel like we’re clawing our way out of the downtime.

It was really cool to just hang out and take some photos, talk business, and catch up. Thanks Dave for hosting a day like this! Thanks to Leroy and Dave for letting me use some of your lenses lol.

Thanks Nikki for modeling and being generally awesome.


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