Married: Nadine and Darren!

Darren and Nadine were married on July 23rd, 2016 at night in a field surrounded by trees. Their wedding day was a bit different from my usual timeline, with their ceremony being the last event of the day. I met Darren and Nadine through a friend who referred them to me, and it turns out I went to high school and graduated with Nadine’s son! What a crazy world we live in! I’ve mentioned it before but I get surprised probably daily with the connections we have with everyone. I’m so happy for Nadine and Darren! They’ve found something truly special. I’m sure their 10 children would agree.  A special thanks to my second shooter Tabatha! It was awesome working with you and you were amazing.
Take a look into my favorite highlights from Darren and Nadine’s wedding day!


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