Edmonton Ice Castle: Portraits of Irene

As soon as I heard about Edmonton getting an Ice Castle I was all for it. I’m glad this masterpiece came to Canada! It was pretty cool to look at as we drove closer and closer, I could feel the excitement building inside of me. The first Ice Castle was built in Alpine, Utah in a front yard of a father building his daughter a castle made of ice. If you check out their website there’s some pretty cool info. I contacted Irene to model and she was all for it! I’m glad we went, it was a lot of fun and a very different experience! to see all the little kiddies with their imaginations running wild was also a very cool thing to witness, pun intended!
I mean, it’s cold here in Canada for a greater part of the year, but I never imagined something like this was even possible! I went more than once, and am thankful I got to witness it before our unusual warm temperatures set in for February. I heard that today was sadly the last day to visit the castle because of these warmer times. I hope you enjoy these images, and support the castle coming to Canada again in the following years!

Instagram: ElenaEvelynPhoto


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