Darren and Nadine in Hermitage Park

I’m so glad a friend recommended my photography to Nadine! I remember getting a call and talking about their wedding day and helping a bit with their timeline. Nadine and Darren’s wedding is going to be pretty different in comparison to most wedding timelines I’ve worked with. With their ceremony being the last thing at the end of the evening and some cool surprises along the way, it’s going to be such an interesting day! I can’t wait for July.
Their engagement photos were taken at Hermitage park, on the North East side of Edmonton. One of my favorite parks to go to! Although it was a tad chilly on that late April evening, they toughed it out and were so genuine with each other and with me behind the camera. Surprisingly there was some trees and some bushes in bloom this early! Just the other day we had a light snow fall. You know how Edmonton/Alberta weather is though – all over the place!


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