A Tuesday Evening Adventure: Part 1

Tuesday, April 21st 2015. My last day of class.

Suddenly while sitting in my last Fine Art class, I got the idea of shooting at a location I had recently scouted. I leaned over to this lovely lady and asked her if she was free in the evening and she said yes. Later that day I picked her up and we did this wonderful shoot. The light was beautiful and the colors were especially lovely. I finally shot something for fun, no stress, no planning, just for fun. Just because I wanted to get my hands working creatively again. Usually when this happens, this shooting for fun, the results turn out way better than I imagine at first. This girl is so talented, and so beautiful. All I want to say is that she matters. She makes a good positive difference in this world and I hope she realizes that every single day.

I couldn’t help but think of Iceland the entire shoot, with only 30 days until I jump on a plane to go to the photographers dream Island. I seriously cannot wait. I’m going to hopefully try my best at doing some Gabe McClintock inspired selfies with my husband out and about Iceland. I finally invested in a good tripod and hopefully it comes in time before I leave. I hope the snow has just melted by the time I go! But anyway, here’s the part one to my adventure with Jamie Bell on my last day as a NAIT student. And I only trespassed on someones property a LITTLE for one the shots. A little.



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